Sunday, October 5, 2008

Peter Camejo Memorial Meeting (and more)

October 5, 2008

Dear Friends,

This message has four parts:

1. Peter Camejo’s Memorial

2. The blog, ongoing new information

3. Brief report of an award Peter won

4. Communication details


1. Peter’s Memorial Meeting

The Memorial meeting for Peter will be held on Saturday or Sunday, November 22 or 23, in the afternoon, in Berkeley or Oakland. We hope to have final details by the end of the week, but there have been some complications in reserving a location. However the weekend of Nov. 22-23 is definite, for those of you wanting to make travel plans.

As part of the memorial meeting we are soliciting two things: photographs of Peter, especially earlier ones, and hard-copy reminiscences to be put in a memory book, which will eventually be put online. Physical photographs will be scanned and returned. Both the photographs and the reminiscences should be sent to Peter's brother Dan Ratner at

Dan Ratner
1350 Broadstone Pkwy
Apt 4413
Folsom, CA 95630

If you have high quality scans of photos, you can send them to Dan at

If you'd be willing to have these photos appear on the blog, please also send them to

2. Blog

This is just to remind everyone that the blog

is still active. All messages about the memorial will also appear on the blog. In addition we have been adding interviews and speeches of Peter's in YouTube and mp3 format. There are now six YouTube clips, from three minutes to twenty minutes each. These range from his campaign for governor to his August 2008 speech at the Peace & Freedom party convention. There is also an mp3 clip of a 1976 interview with Peter and I hope to have a link to a 1967 speech of his at Sproul plaza up soon. If we get pictures of Peter, we will try to add those too.

3. Award

On September 27 the Pakistan American Democratic Forum presented Peter the Abdul Ghaffar Khan Peace Award. Dr. Agha Saeed presented the award, which was accepted on Peter's behalf by Jo Chamberlain. There will be a picture of the award up on the blog soon.

4. Communication details

Due to the large number of people wanting to be informed of memorial plans, we have had to go to a list format. Our internet service provider shut our account down for a few hours when we sent out the last message, so that we had to try sending from the web, with the result that many people got the message very late and some perhaps not at all. However this is not a discussion list, but only an announcement list, whose only purpose is to inform people who are interested of the plans for Peter's memorial and information about the publication of his memoirs, when that is available.

This list consists of names we had that we knew would be interested, names Peter gave us when we started the blog, and names of people who have written in. If for some reason you have received this message and don't want to be on the notification list, please write to

and you will be removed.

Also if you have received this message as a forward from a friend, and would like to be added to the list yourself, just write to the same address and you will be added.

Please do forward this message to those who you feel would be interested. Over the years Peter has touched many people, and we have the names of very few of them.

Thank you,

Alex Chis & Claudette Begin
P.O. Box 2944                           
Fremont, CA 94536-0944                      
Phone: 510-489-8554                            


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